One of the key services that I provide is simply providing expert knowledge. This may sound obvious but there is often a huge difference between providing answers to clients’ direct questions and the provision of knowledge gained from experience.

Most of my clients are either completely new to the world of IoT or they are venturing down a particular path within the industry that they are either new to or unsure of, such as with a new IoT product or service. Because of this, they tend to require guidance and advice on the right approach. I therefore tend to fill the short-term gap between the time when our clients embark on a new project and when they need to employ a full time and in-house expert to manage it.

My consulting services are also used when a client needs an impartial, external or expert opinion regarding a potentially risky or unknown business decision. For example, a company seeking to sell its new IoT product may look for a consultant familiar with the business needs of a potentially new audience. I can advise on what best practices should be followed, what responses to expect from customers, and how to deal with them.

The IoT Concierge services I provide can be on either a day rate, a fixed term contract or even a fixed fee per project. It all depends upon your specific needs and budget.

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